Statistic Games

Statistics may seem like a relatively advanced topic for elementary school children, however students as young as the third grade are learning the finer points of the median, mode, and range of number sets. Teaching this complex subject can be made easier by incorporating Turtle Diary's variety of statistics math games. Our statistics games online offer kids the opportunity to practice and reinforce the skills they're learning in the classroom. They'll master the finer points of statistics in no time through the use of engaging statistics games.

By the fourth grade, statistics and data can involve many different concepts, but one of the goals at this level is for students to be familiar with different types of graphs, including bar graphs, line graphs, and different types of plots. Children will be asked to draw conclusions by collecting information on what they are seeing in the graphs, including working through statistics games to grow their understanding of different data collection standards. offers several fun and engaging games, such as Save the Princess, to hone their mean, median, mode, and range skills.

Interactive games, such as Mode, Median, Range, and Mean, help children understand the concepts involved in advanced math to a greater degree by involving children in an immersive universe of the statistics games for kids. Online games offer a great opportunity for educators to prescribe additional activities for children who are not learning quite as quickly as others are or who are experiencing challenges in the classroom. Parents can then help their children expand their base of knowledge from the home or during downtime at school. Involving fun and games in the learning experience keeps children engaged and interested in learning statistics and other mathematical operations, both in the classroom and beyond.

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