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Spelling Games

Spelling can be a challenge for many students (and adults) if not reinforced at an early age. Because it's so important to master spelling at an early age, Turtle Diary offers a variety of online spelling games designed to increase motivation and keep students committed to learning. From Spellathon to Word Scramble and Word Search, our spelling games online will keep your child coming back for more. In no time, you'll see improvements in spelling and overall vocabulary with the use of our spelling games for kids.

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A Variety of Fun Spelling Games

Many kids get bored with the simple spelling drills. This is why our free spelling games include word searches for various age groups, word scrambles, and interactive spelling games for the younger kids. These games allow them to quiz their new spelling skills without feeling overwhelmed. You can start children as young as five years old on our spelling games online to help them improve their spelling skills, and learn to love spelling words the right way.

Gradual Learning

All the spelling quiz games we offer enable you to tailor the level to your child's learning ability. This is important in any game or worksheet your child uses, to eliminate the risk of getting overwhelmed or frustrated. When children feel frustrated, they can easily give up on this lifelong need. Our spelling games for kids offer learning in a fun, non-threatening way to enable them to learn the importance of spelling.