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Spelling Games

Turtle Diary's spelling games for kids come with a host of awesome benefits for children, parents, and teachers alike. It is no secret that a gamified approach to spelling can have an enormous impact on the learning process.
By playing spelling games online, children gain from the repetition and the excitement that comes with spelling games. Parents and teachers also gain valuable insight into the strengths of the children playing, as well as areas that may require further development.
Another important thing about playing our spelling games online is that children gain exposure to popular content that coincides with core standards and teaching programs that they are familiar with from their schools. Whether you are looking for options to practice early literacy with sight words, critical thinking skills with crosswords, spelling conventions, or anything in between, you can always find the best activity for your needs.
There are spelling games for grade 1 students that focus on site words and phonics, while older children can play games that are a bit more advanced. Playing games that are suited to the level of the child helps develop essential skills for academic readiness. Load up some of our popular spelling games for grade 3 students, for example, and you will see the benefits from the additional practice surprisingly quickly.
The many benefits that come from playing spelling games online also leads to a greater propensity to enjoy spelling activities in a wide range of contexts, both in an online environment as well as offline. As a result, kids take a greater degree of ownership of the words they see in their spelling games.
With greater agency comes more active use in children's daily lives, and it is all thanks to the elevated levels of motivation and commitment that they get from succeeding in the games they play.

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What are some fun ways to teach spelling for my child?

If you are looking for some fun ways to teach spelling for your child, you are in luck. There are many things that you can do to liven up the process of learning to spell. One of the most popular ways to make spelling fun is to play games. Games help children take each 'lesson' in bite sized pieces while having fun at the same time.

What is the easiest way to teach spelling to young learners?

For young learners, the easiest way to learn spelling can often be through sight words. By continued exposure to the same words, children begin to identify the sequence of letters that make up words that become familiar to them. Other useful ways include activities focused on comparisons with similar words as well as phonics.

How do games speed up learning in children?

Games help speed up learning in children in several ways. Games can be highly motivating, helping children stick with a learning path even when the content is difficult. The motivation and focus children develop through playing educational games encourages them to learn in new ways and to be more creative in the ways they approach new situations.

Which spelling games are best for the virtual classroom?

The spelling games that are best for children in a virtual classroom are ones that can be played in a group or with a turn-based approach. Spelling games that can be adapted as spelling races and reordering activities can be good solutions for the virtual learning environment. Spelling games like Scrabble, crosswords, and sight word puzzles are also popular choices.

A Variety of Fun Spelling Games

Many kids get bored with the simple spelling drills. This is why our free spelling games include word searches for various age groups, word scrambles, and interactive spelling games for the younger kids. These games allow them to quiz their new spelling skills without feeling overwhelmed. You can start children as young as five years old on our spelling games online to help them improve their spelling skills, and learn to love spelling words the right way.

Gradual Learning

All the spelling quiz games we offer enable you to tailor the level to your child's learning ability. This is important in any game or worksheet your child uses, to eliminate the risk of getting overwhelmed or frustrated. When children feel frustrated, they can easily give up on this lifelong need. Our spelling games for kids offer learning in a fun, non-threatening way to enable them to learn the importance of spelling.
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