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Fun Math Games

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Fun Math Games

Turtle Diary's free online fun math games are designed to provide kids with multiple opportunities to understand the power and beauty of math. We offer a wide range of educational math games for all ages. Early learners start with basic math concepts and build upon their skills. More advanced students will explore topics like money, fractions, geometry, logic and reasoning. No matter the grade, our interactive math games for kids give students the opportunity to learn mathematics in relevant and realistic contexts while constructing meaning from direct experiences.

How Do Kids Build Math Skills by Playing Math Games?


Scaffolding is an educational process by which students are taught pieces one by one that build on the previous pieces rather than expecting them to grasp everything all at once. Turtle Diary embraces this philosophy and offers a scaffolded approach to gaming, with specific games that naturally follow each other per level, and scaffolding within the games, as the problems will increase in difficulty in many games as students achieve mastery.


While it may seem that there are repeated games in the platform, they are actually just repeated concepts presented a different way. This way kids can review concepts with fun new approaches instead of through rote memorization with flash cards or skill drills. They don’t even realize they’re repeating information and instead gain confidence as they solidify their learning of the material and succeed more with each game.


Games are fun. Plain and simple. Whether playing multiplayer with friends or challenging the computer or just working on their own, kids will increase in confidence and ability the more that they play. These games are a great supplement to the usual in-school educational approach and help kids gain the mental memory that they need for quick recall and processing.
From Connect Counting through numbers to Multiplication to Probability and Statistics, Turtle Diary is the place to go for amazing math games that help kids learn gradually with fun and confidence in their own abilities.

Unique opportunity for learning

Kids learn important math topics in a fun and non-intimidating environment. Interactive games provide convenient ways to absorb and reinforce math skills. They provide amazing enhancement to math learning and offer unique opportunities for learning for kids that perhaps can't easily be reproduced in the real world. Kids feel empowered when they have an active role in their learning and are not just passive recipients of information. Our interesting games provide the environments and experiences in which learning of math topics happens. They help to build a strong math foundation and instill a love for math.

Keep kids excited

Sound knowledge of math topics is essential in an increasingly complex and technology-driven world so that no child is left behind. Our interactive games use animation, fun images, graphics, sound and integrate learning of math topics in them. They keep the kids excited, curious and asking for more. As kids really enjoy playing these unique games, they experience learning as something they like doing. Our games help kids become competent users of the language of math so that they begin using it as a way of thinking, rather than seeing it as a series of facts and equations to be memorized.

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