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Division Games

Every child must learn how to perform division for success in school and in the real world. Turtle Diary's division math games teach division in terms of equal shares and grouping to help make the tricky subject of division more approachable. Surf through our exciting online division games online, and introduce kids to a whole new way of learning that's interactive and fun. These division games will keep children glued to their screens, while their mathematical skills improve by leaps and bounds.

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As kids share items between friends, split food into portions, and handle money, they are introduced to the concept of equal shares, early in life. At Turtlediary.com, we build instruction on what kids know, through relevant and realistic contexts. Here kids learn how division is the 'reverse of multiplication.' They understand the fundamental root of division, which is 'repeated subtraction.' The aim is that children's mental methods of calculation are quizd and secured, along with their learning. They become fluent users of the language of division as they learn to understand its meanings, symbols and conventions.

Practicing skills

It is important for kids to memorize the multiplication facts, so that they can use it for division problems, and know the link between the two operations. It will also help them to be reasonably quick at figuring out the answer. Kids will enjoy the lessons, challenging games, and worksheets as they test and improve their division skills, along with their logical and reasoning skills. They are specially designed for the young mathematicians of today's fast changing world.