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Typing Games for Kids

Times have changed a lot since the time when today's parents were kids. A fountain pen and paper evolved into typewriters, which then gave way to computers. Typing is involved in daily routine of kids, at school and at home, whether it's working on a term paper or simply chatting with friends online. The best way to do that would be by involving them in typing softwares that are fun for all ages and especially excite the kids. Typing games for kids provide the learning environment with fun as the main course. Turtle Diary presents free typing games that are especially designed to facilitate learning to type for kids of all ages.

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How do typing games help kids learn to type?

Typing games for kids are an excellent way for children to learn the important skill of typing. Indeed, kids feel motivated by fun, so incorporating play into any activity is a great way to motivate children to participate. By playing typing games, kids quickly learn proper hand placement and key location and will build a good foundation for typing that eventually transfers to other more academic tasks.

How much time should my child spend each day playing games to practice typing?

In general, each child is unique in how much time to spend on games to practice typing. For the most part, typing skills improve with only minutes per day spent on typing games, but many kids enjoy them so much, they want to play more. Just like with anything, balance is key, so introducing games at certain times of day, or even as a reward, can prove beneficial to young children learning to type.

What are some fun typing games for kids?

There are so many fun typing games for kids available. No matter what your child is interested in - cars, animals, puzzles, sports - there will be a game to motivate them to play. Games like Catching Bugs Typing, Typing Ninja and Stacking Box Typing are all fun games that improve skills in an engaging way. Different ages tend to like different types of games, but with so many options, your child is bound to enjoy their typing games, and not even realize they are learning an important skill as they play.

Are there typing games for beginners?

Yes, absolutely, there are many typing games for beginners. Children as young as 5 or 6, with no typing experience can play fun, age-appropriate games that will begin to familiarize them with keyboards and hand placement so that they can start learning at a young age. Games like Squid Typing and Box the Keys have intro levels so that even kids brand new to typing can participate. Certainly, even beginners can have a lot of fun playing typing games, so starting early is a fun way to introduce typing skills to kids.

Free Typing Games for Kids

The game Keytris involves a number of descending boxes that have been assigned specific letters. Kids have to press the correct keys to form a row. If they succeed, the tile will disappear and they can move on to the next box. Keytris is a fun way to increase your child's concentration levels too.

In the game Keyracer, numbers and letters are portrayed as obstacles on the road which will vanish once the right key is pressed. The player has to collect all of these to win the game and move on to the next level. It will surely excite the kids for a dose of learning and increase their typing speed.

Turtle Diary also offers other games on typing for kids that will help you to teach your child this necessity of the future generations. So, start today and get a head start on your child's bright future.

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