Games for Kids

Games for Kids

We believe that the learning process should be fun for young kids. And with the right tools, teachers are better able to keep kids motivated and engaged while exploring new areas of study.

Our games are successful in keeping kids motivated and excited to learn new topics. They also test important concepts and build foundational knowledge and skills necessary for their future.

Games as learning tools serve many purposes at once. They help students learn skills in a fun way that could otherwise be boring. They also present real-life scenarios to prepare them for the future. They build hand-eye coordination, reasoning skills, planning, and strategic thinking.

Keep the Students Engaged with Our Kids Games

How do your kids spend their after-school time? Do you wish they had some more educational options for screen time? Look no further than Turtle Diary for the ultimate in learning support and incredible fun.

Boys and girls will find our games so entertaining that they won’t even realize they’re actually studying. All of Turtle Diary’s games support foundational skills in each grade level. Students are challenged by scaffolded lessons that build on previous concepts.

New content is always presented in inviting ways so they won’t get bored. And even better yet - there are multiple games that reinforce the same concepts.

Kids ages 4 to 12 can choose game after game for fun. They might not even realize they are doing the same studying that could have been done with old-fashioned flashcards.

Learn & Play with Your Friends

Multiplayer games on Turtle Diary are where students thrive! They can log in to play with a classroom code from their teacher and play with classmates.

They can also join multiplayer games with other kids on the internet. Or they can play by themselves and compare scores later at school or amongst their siblings.

Turtle Diary has a variety of extremely popular multiplayer games that allow students to practice skills in every subject area. Some of the most popular games include Car Race Multiplayer and Ninja Multiplayer.

The coolest thing about Turtle Diary is that you can choose the subject that you want to play. Multiplayer games can be adapted to both mathematics and English lessons.

Students can even reinforce their typing skills with a multiplayer game. Our most popular is called Typing Warrior Multiplayer. It turns kids into warriors that battle dragons as they race to type as fast as they can.

This improves speed and accuracy in typing with every round. But all they see is the warrior transformation and the dragons they’ve slayed! Just wait until they see how their typing fluency has improved the next time they play!

Wide Variety of Free Games for Kids

Everyone loves a good freebie that will support their kids’ education. With Turtle Diary, students can choose from game after game without having to worry about subscription fees.

There are games in every subject area for grades K4 through 5th grade. No matter what skill you’re looking to master, Turtle Diary has a game for your student!

It can be hard to make studying fun, but Turtle Diary’s games keep young people coming back for more. Gone are the days of flashcards and copywork. Enter the 21st-century where digital learning rules! For on-the-go families with WiFi connected devices, nothing is more effective or convenient than Turtle Diary.

Subjects covered in Turtle Diary include everything from science to English, mathematics to typing. There will be a variety of games for you to try. It doesn’t matter what grade level or what skill you’re looking to practice.

Students often don’t even realize that they’re learning or studying because our games are so inviting and engaging. They will beg to play our free online games again and again. And you don’t have to feel guilty for allowing it. This is screen time used to its best potential!

Modern Approach to Learning with Games for Kids

Remember the days of sitting with stacks of flashcards? Or copying your notes over and over again? Or memorizing concepts while falling asleep in your living room?

Move over, old-fashioned study methods! It’s Turtle Diary’s time to take over modern digital learning! Kids will love to browse our games and play to their heart’s content.

Games on our platform were designed by educators to give the maximum output for each play. The materials covered in the games align with what’s taught in schools. Students actually reinforce the foundation that they will need to build new concepts in the future by playing games,

No matter what subject you’re studying, Turtle Diary has a game for you that can be played on-the-go. As long as you have an internet browser with a WiFi connection, you can connect to Turtle Diary wherever you are. This gives parents peace of mind knowing that the screen time their students are spending is quality learning time.

Students will love coming back again and again to try different games. They might not even realize they’re reinforcing the same concepts as they move through each grade level.

Turtle Diary offers a variety of games for each concept. This prevents student boredom and encourages student success. There is no better way to harness the digital future for learning than with Turtle Diary.

Falling Behind in School? Try Our Free Kids Games

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. You get that call or letter from school indicating that your student isn’t doing well. There might not be a lot you can do if your student is unwilling to engage in learning. This can be extremely frustrating.

Classrooms can often be stressful or not a good fit for many students. This is why kids will love Turtle Diary. Our games are fun and easy at first, but can be a challenge as students advance in their skill levels.

We dare kids to be bored when they enter our platform. With games in every subject area with a variety of entertaining characters, Turtle Diary games hook kids from their first click. The graphics are amazing and the sounds mesmerizing. Students will be pushing through content not even realizing that they are studying.

Games featuring multiplayer options allow students to connect with classmates and friends. Students can play against each other with positive peer pressure fueling their movements. Their friends can be across town or across the globe. Turtle Diary helps them make this link.

Their primary concern might be beating their friend in a car race when they start. But they will most definitely be practicing foundational concepts while they’re playing.

The best news yet is that Turtle Diary’s games are free for anyone with an internet connection. Kids can come day after day to play these amazing games. Parents can breathe easy knowing they don’t have to remember to renew a subscription fee.

They also don’t have to closely monitor the content. They know that Turtle Diary’s award-winning games were designed by educators.

Improve Cognitive Skills & Concentration with Our Free Kids Games

Most students can memorize content, but are they really learning it? It's important to spend quality time working with logic.

The brain will begin to recognize patterns over time. Then it can predict what comes next. Cognitive abilities grow when your brain adapts. This ensures they’ve taken up permanent residence in the brain.

Simple games can help students to pump up their memory skills and flex their brain muscles. Memory is a game that most of us played as children. Turtle Diary offers a digital version of this game in a variety of subject areas. They are then subdivided into appropriate grade level content.

Connect 4 and Tangrams are also extremely popular games amongst younger students. Students can access all of these in digital form without having to lug around the game boards and pieces. Playing with friends or on their own, students can work to reinforce their cognitive skills at Turtle Diary.

Older students can find success playing Crossword Puzzles and Word Scrambles. More advanced logic games include Parking Block or Slide Numbers, which require intense concentration and quick skills. Turtle Diary is sure to exercise your brain!

Unlock Speed Learning & Discover Hidden Potential of Your Child

Processing speed is a cognitive building block that most parents don’t know about. Your brain must be able to quickly assess the information. This enables you to recall correct answers.

It requires active synapse pathways in the brain. These function like ladders to link bits of information to another. The more learning a student does, the more complex their pathways will become.

Quick recall is the ability to pull information in no time from within your brain. The brain constantly cycles through relevant information in your short-term memory. Other information is stored deep in long-term memory.

Without practice, though, the information won’t be logged in the brain’s pathways and will be lost. This means students could potentially have to relearn things again and again if they aren’t properly retained the first time.

Games that use speed as a motivator are great games to strengthen processing speed. It puts pressure on the brain to quickly find the information needed as the clock ticks on. Students may find these games frustrating at first, but a bit of determination will keep their eye on the prize.

If the speed games seem too difficult at first, you don’t want to discourage your student. It might just be that they need an easier level, so back up and try starting at a lower grade level.

Common educational goals help us to categorize our games. These should correspond to current grade levels. It’s also okay if it doesn’t as not every student fits into a prescribed category.

Your student might not be there yet, or be so advanced that they need to move up a notch. No matter what, we’re here to help your students flex those learning muscles and reach their full potential! Turtle Diary’s fun games online are perfect for practice anywhere.