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Sports: A Pathway to a Healthier Lifestyle

Sports are fundamental to live a healthy lifestyle. Sports have umpteen benefits for young kids. Playing different sports allows them to build a long-term healthy and fit lifestyle. Moreover, it helps develop the physical skills, boosts their agility skills and keep them fit and active. Hence, parents and teachers should inculcate, in their children, the quality to take part in different games and sports activities for their holistic development.

Playing games and indulging in various sports activities is indispensable for them in more ways than one. They should be taught how to strike a balance between studies and sports. Building and maintaining this balance is absolutely necessary for children. It not only benefits them physically but also emotionally as it boosts their self-esteem. Also, it improves their mental sharpness, concentration, and decision-making skills.

Playing on a regular basis reduces stress because of the release of endorphins, which makes one feel happy and positive. It will not only reinvigorates them but boosts their well-being and happiness.

Moreover, teachers must make sure that the kids know beyond just playing a particular sport like about the game, the rules of the game, the facts, the tricks being used, about the famous sports personalities, and more. They should be informed about different sports like Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, Gymnastics, and more. By doing so, teachers are making them more aware about a game and kids will take more interest in playing the game.

Apart from this, teachers should take notice that children are having fun while they are playing. One of the most important goals of sports for young kids is helping them understand and develop good sportsmanship. They should be taught to play ethically and to be courteous towards their teammates. Teachers should also make them understand that success is not final and failure is not fatal.

No wonder, sports is indeed a pathway for a healthy you.

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Sports Facts for Kids

Baseball Baseball It is one of the most popular sports in Cuba, Dominican Republic and the U.S. However, the origin of this sport is untraceable. This game is played between two teams, each composed of nine players. The rules of this game are pretty complex.


Basketball Basketball It is one of the world's most popular and well-established sports.Originated in Canada, this amazing game is played between two teams of five players each. In this game, teams try to earn points by throwing a ball into the hoop.


Golf Golf The modern golf game originated in Scotland in the 15th century. It is an individual sport in which the golfers hit the ball into a series of holes. The goal is to get the ball into each hole with the lowest number of strokes.


Gymnastics Gymnastics Gymnastics is an amazing sport which demands physical strength, flexibility, concentration, coordination, balance, and grace. The Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG), which was originated in Liege in 1881, governs all the competitive gymnastic sports globally.


Ice Hockey Ice Hockey Ice hockey is considered as one of the fastest sports in the world. This sport is very popular in areas of North America and Europe. It is the official national winter sport of Canada. Its played on ice in which skaters use sticks to shoot a rubber disk i


Track and field Track and field Track and field is a sport that consists of several competitive athletic contests such as running, jumping and throwing.They are generally individual sports.This sport derives its name from the competition venue; a stadium with an oval running track aroun


Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball is a team sport which is played between two teams of six players each. The teams are separated by a net. Each team tries to earn points by grounding the ball on the other team's court.