Free Online Word Games for Kids

Free Online Word Games for Kids

Every day, more and more technology is being brought into the classroom. By having children play games on computers at home, they will already know the basic workings of a computer. For example, they will know how to efficiently use a mouse and will have a basic understanding of the letters on the keyboard. Because of this, children will become more engaged in the classroom, and in turn, more successful in their future.

The games keep children's attention longer than if they were reading from textbooks. During game play, children concentrate on their next move or work on solving a problem. It helps increase their visual attention span, while they learn important new words.

Problem solving skills are another benefit of word puzzle games. Children need to think of what comes next, or what happens if they make a particular move. If a child spells a word wrong, he or she will have to go back and try again. Most of the time, children use the process of elimination to help them spell unfamiliar words.

Word Games To Build Vocabulary and Spelling Skills

Turtle Diary has many fun games that will help your child to practice and reinforce vocabulary and spelling skills without getting bored or feeling stressed about the process. When you begin to read, students will need to practice their sight words again and again to gain that recall. Sight words cannot be sounded out with normal phonetic pronunciation, so playing any of Turtle Diary’s Sight Word games, like Spell the Sight Words, will help your student to find success in their reading and vocabulary skills. It also helps that Turtle Diary has auditory options that will read students anything they need to hear within the game. Whether they are Flipping Cards or building Word Ladders, kids are sure to enjoy playing as they master their vocabulary skills. The more they are able to recognize the words, the easier it will be to spell them in games like Spell the Sight Words.

When working with vocabulary, students will love doing Animal Crosswords with hints about the missing animals, which encourages vocabulary recall and spelling skills. With a wide variety of animals and topics, your kids will love playing so much they won’t even realize the skills they’re building with each click.

For more advanced readers and spellers, Turtle Diary has Spelling Words that specifically practices words at their level before they are ready to move up to a more advanced game like Word Scramble, where they have to unscramble words, or Hangman, where they choose letter by letter to spell a mystery word before a monkey is drawn. Word Searches can also reinforce letter recognition and spelling skills as well as logic. No matter what game you choose on Turtle Diary, your child will be gaining invaluable skills for their literacy journey.

What are some fun word games for kids?

If you're looking for some fun word games, check out one of our biggest hits: Word Scramble. It's designed for students in 1st-4th grade. A picture provides a clue, and kids unscramble the letters provided to create the word.

Watch out though- there are extra letters to make the game a little more challenging! Scrabble is another fun word game. This classic game is just as fun online as it is playing around the table with your family

Can kids play word games online?

The internet is full of engaging word games that kids can play. Online word games are an incredible tool because they can be played on almost any device anywhere you have an internet connection. These online word games are a perfect way to develop vocabulary, spelling, and phonics skills while they have fun!

What are some easy word games?

An early reading skill is recognizing familiar sight words, and this sight word game provides practice, with levels ranging from pre-K to third grade. Another easy word game is our word ladder game. Students create a word ladder by changing one letter at a time, using picture cues to guide their work.

Where can I find free word games for kids?

All of the word games on are free! You can choose games to focus on a variety of skills, including reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Our games are created with a focus on elementary age students in grades pre-K through fifth grade.

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