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Word Puzzles Online

Online word puzzle games help children improve their language skills, as well as further develop their spelling skills. TurtleDiary.com has a variety of online games that help children in different grade levels enhance these concepts, but are disguised as fun games to play. While playing these online word puzzle games, children can expand their vocabulary by learning new words-how to spell and pronounce them correctly. With all the slang and bad grammar kids are being exposed to on a daily basis, it is important for them to learn how to pronounce words appropriately from a young age.


Word puzzle games for kids help to prepare them for school. Every day, more and more technology is being brought into the classroom. By having children play games on computers at home, they will already know the basic workings of a computer. For example, they will know how to efficiently use a mouse and will have a basic understanding of the letters on the keyboard. Because of this, children will become more engaged in the classroom, and in turn, more successful in their future.

Free word puzzle games keep children's attention longer than if they were reading from textbooks. During game play, children concentrate on their next move or work on solving a problem. Word puzzle games help increase their visual attention span, while they learn important new words.

Problem solving skills are another benefit of word puzzle games. Children need to think of what comes next, or what happens if they make a particular move. If a child spells a word wrong, he or she will have to go back and try again. Most of the time, children use the process of elimination to help them spell unfamiliar words. This is another form of problems solving that will be used in everyday life.