Word Scrabble

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Word Scrabble

Word scrabble is English knowledge test game. By playing this game students can test their knowledge about English language and vocabulary. Here students are required to construct a word out of four to seven alphabets given in a random manner. You can shuffle the words again and again for better hint. There is time limit to complete it. This test will let you know how familiar you are with words used in English vocabulary.

What are Word Scrabble games?

Word Scrabble games are like the old board game Scrabble, where you receive a selection of letters and have to use your knowledge of the English language to combine them to make words. The more you read, the better you will be at Word Scrabble, because you have to have been exposed to a wide variety of words and be able to spell them correctly. You can earn different points depending on the difficulty of the letters that you’ve used, but there are a number of combinations that you can make based on the presented letters. It helps to have basic knowledge of spelling rules and know how to manipulate vowels and consonants in a word.

How do you play Word Scrabble?

After clicking OK in the beginning, you can choose to play Level 1, which offers you 4-5 letter words in an easier version, or Level 2, which offers 4 to 7 words in a more difficult version. You will then be presented with a list of six words with missing blanks where letters should be. Using only the letters presented to you at the top of the screen, try to make the words that are listed below by typing in the letters and clicking the CHECK button. If it’s correct, it will appear below on your list with all letters filled in. You get points for each letter that you use correctly in words. Once you get a word correctly, you can click on the book icon to see the dictionary and thesaurus entries for the word, or click on the talking head icon to hear the word read aloud. If you find yourself struggling, you can click on the lightbulb icon for a quick hint that might help you to guess the missing word.