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Energy Games

Energy is all around us and is a fascinating subject for children to learn. When taught in the classroom, a teacher may perform demonstrations to help children grasp this concept of energy. Turtle Diary offers a collection of online energy games to reinforce what is being taught in class. Knowing the basics of energy will help your child as he or she progresses to more advanced levels in science, and our energy games online are designed to lay a solid foundation from which to grow. We have available energy games for children as young as kindergarten to aid in the learning of this complex concept.

Would you like to try one of these variations of your search?

Sound Energy

These games were created with bright colors and dazzling animations to spark your child's interest and hold their attention. It is easy to get started-simply pick out the grade-appropriate game and begin at level one. As your child becomes proficient, other levels will open so that he or she never becomes bored and always feels challenged. Each time an answer is chosen, the characters play instruments, laugh, or dance.

This is true for the energy games for kids "Musical Water Glasses" and "I Spy Sound". "Musical Water Glasses" allows your child to playour chiy songs using glasses filled with various amounts of water. The first song is "Mary Had A Little Lamb".

In the game "I Spy Sound", your child is shown a picture and must identify the object in the picture with the sound they hear. The game offers various themes and unique characters who celebrate each win with dancing.

Fun with Sound

These games are so much fun, your child may not realize they are actually learning about sound energy. Even you will enjoy making music and identifying sounds. Science energy games bring the classroom into your home so you can assist in the learning process. These games can be played as many times as wished or required.