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Food Chain Games

The food chain is an extremely important subject covered in any science class. Through the use of Turtle Diary's food chain game, students will learn where various organisms fall in the chain, their links, and their dependency on other organisms for food. Our online good chain games offer helpful visual aids that promote deeper comprehension and understanding of the complex food chain that exists in nature. Your child will master the terms, types of food chains, and food webs in no time after playing our food chain games.

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Know Who Eats Whom?

All animals on Earth belong to a food chain, as each organism is dependent on another for its food requirements. With these games, kids will learn about different types of food chains, and the organisms belonging to it. Kids will also learn about different food webs, and will get to know many related scientific terms. Knowledge of food chains will help kids to understand how nature functions, and will make them realize the importance of different organisms.

Understand Concepts of Nature

Knowledge of food chains is essential to understand the structure and functioning of nature. A child who knows the importance of different organisms will take appropriate steps to save and conserve life. These games will allow kids to understand how one species depends on another for its food requirement. Kids will also understand the flow of energy and matter through the system. These concepts will broaden their knowledge, besides developing a new insight into different aspects of nature.