Double Prepositions

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Double Prepositions

What is a double preposition?

A double preposition is when you combine two simple prepositions either separately into one unit or into one word for specificity.

How do you form a double preposition?

To form a double preposition, you either put two prepositions side by side in a sentence, or combine two to make a new word.

Two separate: The bike was up against the tree.

New word: in + side = inside

The puppy rested inside the cardboard box.

Here are some examples:

Two separate prepositionsPreposition + preposition=new word
at aboutbefore
at aroundinside
because ofinto
from aboveonto
from behindoutside
from withinthroughout
next toupon
off ofwithin
off towithout
out of
outside of
up against
up to

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