Prepositions of Spatial Relationship

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Prepositions of Spatial Relationship

What is a preposition of spatial relationship?

A preposition of spatial relationship is a preposition used to denote where the subject of a sentence is (noun or pronoun) or a specific place for an action, often telling where one object is in relation to another. Prepositions of place are very similar to prepositions of spatial relationship and can often be the same word.

It answers the question, “WHERE?”

What are some examples of prepositions of spatial relationship?

Preposition of Spatial RelationshipExample
abovePlease sign your name above the line.
acrossDraw a line across the map from point A to point B.
againstHe leaned his bike against the tree.
ahead ofThe black car is ahead of the white car.
alongThere is a fringe along the edge of the jacket hem.
amongWe walked among the apple trees in the orchard.
aroundDraw a circle around the correct answer.
behindWe walked behind the crowd.
belowWrite the sum below the line.
beneathThe dogs rested in the shade beneath the willow tree.
besideThe car is beside the building.
betweenI put the orange paint between the red and the yellow.
fromThe cows came in from the field.
inThe cat is in the box.
in front ofThe Irish runner is in front of the Scottish one.
in the middleThe girl is in the middle of the two boys holding the jump rope.
insideThe food is inside the house on the kitchen counter.
nearThere is a mall near her house.
next toThe red car is next to the blue car.
onThe flower vase is on the table.
oppositeThe player is opposite the goal.
offHe took his coat off.
out ofThe chickens came out of their coop.
throughWe went through the door into the concert hall.
to the left ofDraw a house to the left of the tree.
to the right ofDraw a flower to the right of the tree.
underWe put the presents under the tree.
withinShe only colored within the lines.

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