Proper Nouns

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What Is a Proper Noun?

Proper nouns give a specific name to a common noun, and therefore are ALWAYS CAPITALIZED.

Take a look at how common nouns can be transformed into Proper nouns with a specific name:

You can see that when you give a noun a specific name, it becomes a Proper noun and should always be capitalized.

Take a look at the examples below

Common Noun Proper Noun
girlJoJo Siwa, Sherri, Mirabel Madrigal
oceanAtlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean
buildingColiseum, Space Needle, Smithsonian Museum
streetCaracas Avenue, Belladonna Drive, Carlton Circle
languageSpanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian
athleteJackie Robinson, Lebron James, Gabby Douglas, Sean White
riverNile River, Mississippi River, Amazon River

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