Tally Marks - Graphing Game

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Tally Marks - Graphing Game

An excellent game for children to help them learn the concept of 'tally marks'. By playing this game, kids will learn how to create tally marks. They will also be able to carry out surveys, record data and collect information. They will learn to keep track of numbers in groups of five. This fun and engrossing game will sharpen their mind and improve their statistical and counting skills.

How to play Tally Marks

A perfect math game to teach kids how to create tally charts, count numbers in groups of five, and record data.

What Are Tally Marks?

It’s hard to get very far in a paragraph without running across a conjunction, so what are they and when do you use them?
Why? Because you make an easy way to then skip count by 5s for easy addition.

Eventually you’re going to run out of fingers and toes when counting, so this makes it an easy way to continue on in groups of five, as if you had extra hands!

When Do I Use Them?

People often use tally marks when taking a survey or recording a large number of items into categories.

For example, say you were trying to figure out what everyone’s favorite dessert was for a class party. There are 34 kids in your class, and you want each one to have a chance to vote.

You would create a chart with your top options, and then ask each person in the class to answer the question, “Which is your favorite dessert: cupcakes, cheesecake, ice cream, or cookies?”

With each answer, you would place one tally mark in the appropriate column.
Dessert Tally TOTAL
Ice Cream10
TOTAL34 kids
When you’re done, you tabulate your total by counting the tally marks and writing the actual number in the last column.

Cookies would be the clear winner here with a total of 13 votes.

Adding up the Total column helps you to be sure that you asked everyone in your class, or to see how larger your sample audience was.

It’s an easy way to get results in an orderly way.

Why Are They Helpful?

Tally marks come in handy when you’re keeping a continuous record of something, such as birds you see, weather, or sports scores. It’s an easy way to use a visual method of quantification.

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