Words That Rhyme

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Words That Rhyme

Learning words that rhyme can be a fun and engaging way to improve your vocabulary, language skills, and phonological awareness. Rhyming words share similar sounds at the end of the word, which can help with pronunciation and creative writing. Here are some examples of words that rhyme:

word - words

cane - lane

rain - pain

hide - ride

bone - cone

cube - tube

hat - cat

road - toad

fridge - bridge

pin - tin

pin - tin

gun - run

car - jar

tail - nail

gate - late

sheep - jeep

face - race

rock - hawk

hay - day

tree - free

cook - hook

bite - kite

boat - goat

glue - blue

pink - sink

hole - roll

pick - kick

dog - fog

box - fox

jet - wet

crack - sack

log - frog

bug - hug

rub - cub

bee - see

feet - meet

mouse - house

cry - fry

boat - coat

nose - rose

rub - tub

sow - bow

pan - fan

dig - big

knot - pot

pen - ten

map - cap

make - shake

cake - bake

Remember that these are just a few examples, and there are countless rhyming words in the English language. You can explore rhyming dictionaries or engage in activities like reading poetry, singing songs, or playing word games to expand your repertoire of rhyming words.

In the game Words that Rhyme, young learners are introduced to the concept of rhyming and learn to build sounds and word relationships. Specifically, the children will be looking for end rhymes, with three pairs of rhyming words on each screen. Rhyming is an important skill to master, as it sharpens auditory awareness and heightens a child’s ability to play with words and use them with more precision.
Once you click through the OK button to begin playing the game, it takes you through the brief instructions, which encourages you to look for three pairs of rhyming words on each page. Pictures show up on the screen with words at the bottom of each like digital flashcards. If the child does not know the word, they simply press the auditory button on the left of each word and it will be read aloud to them. Locate two rhyming words on the screen, and click once on each to pair them up as a correct rhyme.
Once you click a correct pair, the narrator will announce that A rhymes with B, and whisk the cards away. Incorrect matches get a slightly harsh sound and a “This is incorrect.” statement. A timer does continuously tick up as you play, bringing more and more screens of matching rhyming words. The words begin simply, with only three letter simple words being used, but it quickly amps up with each subsequent screen if they are able to handle it. Learning rhyming skills is an essential skill to have and can be practiced here while employing other senses along with it.