Plant Games

Turtle Diary has created a variety of interactive online plant games to help your child learn everything there is to know about the importance of plants in nature. A perfect compliment to any classroom lesson plan, our plant games can be accessed at home for further practice of what's being taught at school. Your child will never be bored with these plant games online at their disposal. They will acquire interesting and useful knowledge they will be excited to share with their peers.

Variety of Games

Turtle Diary offers a wide variety of plant games for kids. The games cover the following topics: plant life cycle, vegetables, fruits, and growing plants. These games are grade-appropriate, so your child stays on target at school, and the material will be challenging, but not impossible.

The games can be played as often as your child wishes. It is like bringing the classroom into your home, but never feels like homework. Games like "Identify the Fruit" and "Spell the Fruit" will encourage other skills as well.

Skill Improvement and Animation

Your child will improve spelling and reasoning skills while playing these games. The animation invites your child into a new world of learning about plants and builds confidence in the subject matter. As your child's performance improves, so will their grades.

It is easy to get started. Choose the topic your child is studying in school and walk them through the lesson, exercises, and game. It is not only a great parent-child quality moment, but you will also be available to your child in case any questions arise. After the initial game, your child will want to play over and over.

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