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Grade 1 Worksheets

Our range of online, printable worksheets for Grade 1, make your kid’s learning experience much more effective and enriching. They enhance the child’s abilities in math, English and science. Kids learn and practice math skills and concepts about time, money, numbers, fraction, graph and tally. Worksheets on popular science lessons include food chain, transports, dinosaurs, personal hygiene and the solar system. We offer language worksheets that give a clear understanding of describing words, nouns, homophones and sight words. They cover important language areas of comprehension, grammar, structure and vocabulary. Worksheets aim to promote fluency both in speaking and writing the English language.
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compound-words Compound Words
long-vowels Long Vowels
sight-words Sight Words
short-vowels Short Vowels
synonyms Synonyms
conjunctions Conjunctions
adjectives Adjectives
homophones Homophones
sentences Sentences
antonyms Antonyms
verbs Verbs
determiners-and-quantifiers Determiners & Quantifiers
prepositions Prepositions
word-building Word Building
suffixes Suffixes
miscellaneous Miscellaneous
comprehension Comprehension
nouns Nouns
spell-words Spell Words
prefixes Prefixes
picture-labeling Picture Labeling
money Money
tally-charts Tally Charts
addition Addition
subtraction Subtraction
pattern Pattern
length Length
picture-graphs Picture Graphs
venn-diagrams Venn Diagrams
fractions Fractions
pictographs Pictographs
time Time
bar-graphs Bar Graphs
animals Animals
solar-system Solar System
humans Humans
food-chain Food Chain

Worksheets for Grade 1

Practicing on worksheets is a great way to help kids grasp new and important concepts and ideas. Worksheets are designed to supplement the learning program. For practicing math, science and language skills there is just nothing more effective than a pencil and paper. Math and science worksheets help kids to reason, make connections and follow through to logical conclusions. They help to develop research skills. Our worksheets use real life situations. A child is able to see the application of concepts and ideas in everyday life situations. First graders begin to understand the concept of cause and effect.

Worksheets keep kids interested and learning, even when they are not in school. Kids require a lot of practice when learning new concepts. Kids learn best when they practice on our worksheets that are in a variety of formats. Our worksheets improve vocabulary as well as enhance the kid’s communication skills. You can use them for teaching, reinforcement, and review. They are a tool to facilitate learning. Worksheets not only arouse interest in studies but also help in maintaining it. Kids learn to organize information so as to arrive at the correct answer. They answer questions faster and accurately. 

Our worksheets help in acquisition of essential knowledge, skills and development of conceptual understanding of curriculum subjects. We provide a wide range of worksheets on each topic keeping in mind the different rates at which kids learn and the wide range of normal variation that can occur in an age group. Worksheets provide kids with learning experiences in a stimulating learning environment that is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant. Kids develop skills in reasoning and logic. Worksheets help to build concentration so that kids achieve their academic goals. © 2015. All Rights Reserved.