Adverbs of Place

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Adverb of Place

Adverbs of place tell a location that is related to the verb telling us where something happened. They can be directional, refer to the distance between things, indicate a position, indicate movement in a particular direction, or indicate the general idea of a location. They are also called spatial adverbs.

Here are some examples:

EVERYWHEREAfter the tornado, there was debris everywhere.
HEREThe starting line is here.
THEREYou’ll end the race over there.

Here is a list of common Adverbs of Frequency in opposite pairs and their purposes:

here / thereposition
anywhere / nowhereIdea of location
somewhere / everywhereIdea of location
inside / outsideposition
up / downdirection
north / southdirection
east / westdirection
away / nearbydistance
across / throughposition
overhead / underneathposition
above / belowposition
forewards / backwardsMovement in a specific direction
upwards / downwardsMovement in a specific direction
onwardMovement in a specific direction
above / belowPosition in relation to another object
in front / behindPosition in relation to another object
around / throughPosition in relation to another object
underneath / beneathPosition in relation to another object

Note: Many adverbs of place are also prepositions depending on how you use them in a sentence. If it refers to the verb, then it’s an adverb.

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