Irregular Nouns

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Irregular Nouns

When we pluralize nouns to show that there is more than one, we usually follow certain rules in order for this to happen, such as adding -s or -es to the end of the word. Often though, there are words that just don’t like to follow those rules.

What Is an Irregular Noun?

Irregular nouns are those that don’t fit the standard rules when making them plural. As always, there are exceptions to these spelling rules as well, so you will need to be familiar with them.

Singular Plural Exception Singular Plural
manmenReplace letterswomanwomen
childchildrenChange spellingperson
deerdeerSame in both singular and pluralsheepsheep
goldgoldAlways singularsilversilver
scissorsscissorsAlways pluralpantspants
brother-in-lawbrothers-in-lawUsed with modifiers - ALWAYS CHANGE THE NOUNguest of honorGuests of honor
daughter-in-lawdaughters-in-lawMinister of educationMinisters of education
While it’s difficult to memorize every single irregular noun in the English language, it is very likely that you will naturally learn them over time as you read and speak and listen to other native speakers use the language. Never be upset if someone corrects you as well, because you’re always learning and refining your use of English.

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