Order of Operations Games

Introducing the concept of order of operations in math can be a challenge for any teacher or parent. The order of math operations explains how the hierarchy between addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, parentheses, and exponents work in a practical setting. Turtle Diary's order of operations math games make this subject approachable for students. When combined with convential classroom lessons, our order of operations games online are a great tool to use for practice and increased comprehension of subject matter. Kids are guarateed to have a blast while learning with our order of operations games.

TurtleDiary.com created two different fun and engaging games to help students integrate the understanding of order of operations in math more firmly. These fourth and fifth grade games help children learn the order of operations when using a calculator. This can be puzzling to those learning it for the first time, since students must recall the PEMDAS acronym (parentheses, exponents, and multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction facts) to complete the problem in the correct order and from left to right. Some teachers also teach the "inside out" method, helping students understand the proper way to assign the order of operations, because "deeper" parts of the program need to be completed first before the "outside" operations are done.

Order of operations games for kids are a great way to help support their early elementary knowledge of mathematics and understanding of how to perform higher-level math in future years. Parents will be pleased to know that this stimulating math game will help their child understand how to successfully simplify expressions while using a calculator, entering the response on the calculator keys. A fifth grade version of the online order of operations math game helps children who are ready to take their learning to the next level by introducing greater variety and more challenging operations within the game.

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