4th Grade Fraction Lessons

Fourth graders learn at varying speeds, as each learner is different. For this reason, teachers need to incorporate many different techniques into their lesson plans. While most pupils start kindergarten as kinesthetic learners, only a few will remain as such by the time that they reach the 4th grade. Therefore, teachers must use many unique ways to reach pupils with different learning styles when planning 4th grade faction lessons.

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For pupils that are still kinesthetic learners (many will remain as such for their entire lives) teachers should incorporate ways in which students can manually manipulate fractions. An activity that works particularly well with these students is using online games, similar to old-fashioned flash cards. These games encourage students to compete against themselves, making sure that student stays motivated while playing.

Other students are auditory learners. When planning 4th grade fraction lesson plans for these students, watching videos is a great option because they are seeing the content, along with hearing it. These pupils also learn very well when they are given the opportunity to read simple instructions aloud.

Other students are visual learners, who respond well to diagrams. This is why they react well to instructions, which include clear pictures showing them exactly what they need to do. These pupils also react well to online games, because they are able to see what is going on.

Teachers planning 4th grade fraction lesson plans are often puzzled with how to teach fractions in a way that everyone will understand. This is why teachers need Turtle Diary; they provide clear plans that are great for visual learners, online games that are outstanding for all types of learners, and worksheets that help to reinforce concepts.