4th Grade Geometry Lessons

Many teachers are forced to use the curriculum approved by the school's district. One area where many books and online tutorials fail is 4th grade geometry lessons. They seem to circle above the concepts, and fail to actually teach these topics. If you are a teacher or parent who is frustrated with the curriculum, then try supplementing it with Turtle Diary. Our tutorials start out with easy-to-understand lessons that explain each topic in detail. These pages also contain clear diagrams, so that it can be quickly remembered what the shape that is being taught looks like. After all, there are so many terms to be understood that it is easy to get confused. These lessons are simple enough to understand, and many pupils can use them to supplement the diagrams included in their textbooks, or in their online 4th grade geometry lessons.

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Making it ever more easy to create your own strategies, Turtle Diary offers clear worksheets to complement each lesson. Whether used as an in-class activity or assigned as homework, teachers adore these worksheets that can be reproduced efficiently. Additionally, teachers can use these worksheets as an independent activity, or they can have everyone in the class complete the sheet together.

Turtle Diary also offers online games that students will really enjoy playing. Using these activities is a great way to help students practice ideas they should have learned before the fourth year. Alternatively, these games can be used to encourage pupils to practice the skills they are currently trying to conquer. Finally, students who are ahead also can play the games from the fifth and higher grade levels, so that they can keep on learning. Incorporating all this into your 4th grade geometry teaching is going to work wonders.