Fraction Lesson

Teachers often struggle to find the time to create fraction lesson plans. This problem is particularly exacerbated for new teachers or teachers who know that they will be away from their classroom for a while. For fourth grade teachers, this normally hard situation becomes easy to solve when a teacher relies on the plans from Turtle Diary.

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Each unit contains clear explanations that the teacher and pupils can read on any device. The language used is so simple that most students can easily read along with the teacher. Each lesson has clear diagrams, showing exactly what the lesson entails. Furthermore, the most important points are put in a unique color, eliminating many of the problems that certain children have when learning the concepts.

Some of the ideas covered in these plans include adding and subtracting fractions, comparing them to find the larger and smaller ones, converting mixed numbers, and finding the ones that equal the same amount. As the year progresses, these fraction lesson plans go on to teach about multiplying these units, and converting fractions to improper mixed numbers.

There is even more great news; these plans are often accompanied by worksheets that students can use to practice their skills. These sheets are easily reproducible so that everyone in the class can have their own. Additionally, many of the fraction lessons also include videos. Added together, the instructor is getting a complete package.

Since the plans, videos, and worksheets are all available online, students can take the instructions home with them. Puzzled parents will enjoy having this extra assurance on how to complete the problem and the correct terminology that they need to be using. Take a look today, we promise you will not be disappointed.