Months of the Year Video

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Months of the Year Video

Months of the Year video is an interactive lesson designed to teach kids the names of the 12 months. It is divided into two parts. In the first part, kids are introduced to the names and order of the twelve months. The second part introduces seasons. It teaches kids about the months with their corresponding seasons.

In the interactive video “Months of the Year,” kids get introduced to the concept of time in months and how it passes throughout the seasons. The narrator introduces the twelve months and encourages the student to say the names along with her as she reads them. The month bubbles highlight as she reads them. A house picture in the middle of the screen changes seasonal backgrounds as she reads the names so the child can have a visual representation of what might already be a mental memory for them.
After the words are read, you’re taken to a screen that begins to break down the months by season. The circular picture in the center depicts different seasons and shows what happens in each. For example, in the autumn, leaves will change color and fall. The narrator discusses which months correspond with each season and what the characteristics of each season are. This helps kids to not only have a visual representation that they can connect to the names of a month, but also auditory learning as the narrator reads the words pronounced correctly and offers information in an auditory presentation.
Kids can watch this video over and over again to learn which groups of months indicate a particular season and the characteristics for each. Repeated practice will also help them to learn the correct pronunciation of each word and its spelling. Hearing the word read aloud while seeing it on the screen, and then linking it with seasonal characteristics really builds a solid foundation for younger kids and prepares them for more difficult concepts of time. The graphics make it entertaining for them while triggering the visual memories that they already have in their mind from having experienced the various seasons.