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One skill that students will need to grasp is the understanding of what shape a fraction shows. For example, if they are given a picture of half an apple, then students should be able to write 1/2 or when seeing a photo of a group of three friends, they should be able to understand that one person is one third of the entire group. A great way to practice these skills is by do fraction worksheets for 1st grade students.

Another skill that pupils need to understand is how to divide a whole up in order to show different parts. For instance, if a child is given a picture of a heart, then they should be able to draw a line down the middle of the heart. They should also know how to write a numerator over a denominator. Of course, these are skills that students will build on later, so they are vital to master now.

The free sheets from Turtle Diary are an outstanding place to begin. Firstly, they are designed by leading educators with years of experience. Secondly, they use drawings that children can relate to instantly. Thirdly, the instructions are written in a manner that students can read and comprehend, allowing the sheets to be completed independently. Students are able to color on many of these sheets, and most kids love to color. Make sure to check them out today, and while you are at it, check out the free videos and lesson plans, too.