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Another benefit of 3rd grade measurement worksheets include differentiating between A.M. and P.M., as well as using calendars. The students will practice with the worksheets how to tell time through one-minute intervals, five-minute intervals, fifteen-minute intervals, and half hour intervals.

3rd grade measurement worksheets will also introduce students to new concepts such as customary units. The worksheets will outline which countries use customary units as compare to which countries use the metric system. The students will learn to differentiate the two so they can apply these units of measurements in higher grade levels. Furthermore, students will learn to estimate lengths of various objects and animals to better solidify their understanding of the different units.

A solid mathematics foundation is essential for all students to succeed in school. These basic concepts are built upon and used in everyday situations. It is important for the students to practice both old and new concepts until they become second nature to them. Once the child has mastered these skills, new concepts and skills will be easier to learn over the years.