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Practice math worksheets help students summarize the content that they have learned throughout the school day, week, or month. Different reviewing timelines and concepts are available, depending how far back the review needs to go. Worksheets can also be combined to provide a review for two different lessons. By summarizing the content, as well as practicing it, students will be reinforcing what they have already learned. The content will be internalized and eventually become second nature to them, allowing them to perform the measurements with ease.

Another benefit of measurement worksheets is teaching students how to learn from books. This allows children to work independently, build self-confidence, and teach themselves how to solve future problems. Furthermore, by completing worksheets at home, students are able to learn in their own environment. This can set the foundation for positive learning that will last a lifetime. has a wide variety of free measurement worksheets designed for each grade-level. As students work through these sheets, they begin to solidify their understanding of the material. Measurement is important in everyday life, as they will use it to tell time, change money, do advanced math, and convert units in the metric system.