Adjectives Of Number

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List of Adjectives of Number

Adjectives of number - or numerative adjectives - are those that modify a noun or pronoun to tell a precise number or a numbered position/order. They are countable in nature, so you have a precise idea of the amount. (Don’t get them confused with adjectives of quantity, which are often the same word but used to describe an uncountable amount.)

• There are ten students in my class.
• I was the first runner across the finish line.

What Are the 3 Types of Numeral Adjectives?

There are three different types of Numeral Adjectives: Definite, Indefinite, Distributive

#1 - Definite Numeral Adjectives

Within this type, there are two subcategories: cardinal and ordinal.

Cardinal numeral adjectives provide only numbers.

Examples - one, two, 3, 125…
     I only have 3 pencils in my backpack.

Ordinal numeral adjectives mention a place in order to determine a position.

Examples - first, second, third,...last
     The third car in the race just blew a tire.

#2 - Indefinite Numeral Adjectives

Indefinite numeral adjectives are identical to many quantitative adjectives, but they are used to describe something that is countable. It doesn’t provide an exact number, but an estimation.

Examples - all, any, many, several, some, few, no
     All students must report to the lunchroom.
     Few dogs were left at the shelter.
     We’ve been lost many times.

#3 - Distributive Numeral Adjectives

Distributive numeral adjectives tell things that are usually counted collectively or individually. They often refer to members of a group.

Examples - each, either, every, neither, any, one, both
     Each player was required to dress in their full uniform.
     Either you or I can take the dog for a walk.
     Any player who needs a new uniform can come to the lockerroom.

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