Descriptive Adjectives

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What are Descriptive Adjectives?

The word descriptive comes from the verb describe. We already know that an adjective describes nouns and pronouns, but what makes one descriptive?

It has to do with what they describe…

What are you describing?Descriptive AdjectiveDescriptive AdjectiveDescriptive AdjectiveDescriptive Adjective

When do you use them?

Often and whenever possible! Descriptive adjectives tell the quality of the noun, and really help another person or a reader to see and experience things the way that you did. The more details you can give, the more specific a picture or feeling they will be able to get in order to understand what you’re telling them.

It’s the difference between…

A catandAn enormously large, orange-and-white tabby cat
A houseandA quaint cottage with grey speckled shingles
A girlandA petite waif with wispy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes

Words make a world of difference!

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