Prepositions of Direction

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Prepositions of Direction

What is a preposition of direction?

A preposition of direction is a preposition used to denote the direction in which something moves or travels, either specifically or generally. They come before a noun or pronoun, and are usually accompanied by a verb of motion.

It answers the question, “WHERE?” or “TO WHERE?”

What are some examples of prepositions of direction?

Prepositions of direction can sometimes be confusing, so use the following chart to help with their specific meanings.

Preposition of DirectionMeaningExample
abovehigher than an objectThe box is on the shelf above the bikes.
acrosson the other side ofShe’s across the room from me.
alongbesideWe rowed along the riverbank.
amongwithinLook at the black duck among the white swans.
aroundin a circular directionShe rode around the tree.
ata specific pointWe met at the library.
behindat the back ofThey left the boxes behind the house.
belowlower than an objectMy locker is below Karen’s.
besidenext toHe sat beside his sister on the couch.
betweenspace separating two thingsI put the orange paint between the red and the yellow.
bynearWe had a picnic by the pond.
close tonearThe dog is close to the door.
downhigh to lowWe coasted down the hill on our bikes.
insurrounded by or throughWe went in the door.
intomoving inside somethingI put the flour into the container.
insidewithinThe sculptures inside the museum are best.
nearclose byGrab me the spoon near the stove.
ontouching something from aboveSit the bowl down on the table.
ontomoving on top of somethingWe took the exit onto the highway.
offaway fromThe egg rolled off the counter.
overaboveThe clouds billowed over the lake.
paston the father side ofHe rode right past the red firehouse.
throughon or betweenWe traveled through the tunnel.
toIn the direction ofWe went to the park.
towardin the direction ofThe cat prowled quietly toward the mouse.
underbelow an objectShe put her head under the water.
uplow to highWe hiked up the mountain.

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