Prepositions of Location

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Prepositions of Location

What is a preposition of location?

A preposition of location is a preposition used to denote the position or location of something, usually a specific object.

It answers the question, “Where is ___?”

What are some examples of prepositions of location?

There are three main types of prepositions of location: at, in, and on .

AT indicates a specific point where an object or person is located at that moment.

IN indicates an enclosed space of area or volume, where the noun is covered everywhere by something.

ON indicates an open position where the noun is in contact with the surface of something.

Use the following chart to guide your use of the three common prepositions:

(specific time)
(larger units of time)
(dates & days)
…at 9 o’clock.…in January.…on Wednesday.
…at 1 p.m.…in 2020.…on Thursdays.
…at midnight.…in the 90s.…on February 20th.
…at lunchtime.…in the previous century.…on December 25, 2022.
…at sunset.…in the Ming Dynasty.…on Valentine’s Day.
…at the moment.…in the future.…on my birthday.

Are there any other prepositions that describe location?

Yes! Often the prepositions of direction can also indicate a specific location of an object. The most common other prepositions of location are:

above, behind, below, between, in between, next to, under

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