Types Of Nouns

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Types of Nouns

Type Definition Examples
Common Noun Names a non-specific person, place, or thing. Common nouns are never capitalized. More abstract ideas can also be common nouns, like thoughts, ideas, and concepts.
Proper Noun Proper nouns give a specific name to a common noun, and therefore are ALWAYS CAPITALIZED.
Collective Noun Collective nouns represent a group or collection of things, like a jar or a bar or a loaf.
Compound Noun Compound nouns are simply nouns made by joining two or more words to make a new word. They’re often descriptive of what the item’s purpose is, but sometimes make no sense!
Concrete Noun When you use your five senses, you are most likely experiencing a concrete noun. If you can see, hear, smell, taste, or touch it, it’s a concrete noun.
Abstract Noun Abstract nouns are those that name feelings, ideas, concepts, or characteristics that cannot be felt with your senses.
Countable Noun Countable nouns are those that you can actually count. If you can put an article in front of the noun, such as a, an, or the, then it is countable.
Uncountable Noun Uncountable nouns are things you cannot quantify, like feelings or emotions or abstract concepts. In general, you can divide these into mass and abstract.

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