5th grade fraction lessons

The fifth grade is a year when pupils will continue to expand their knowledge in fractions. While much of it will be review work of what students should have conquered at earlier levels, there are still opportunities for teachers to teach and reinforce three key concepts when planning 5th grade fraction lessons.

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The first of these areas that must be covered is converting improper fractions to mixed numerals. While this concept was first introduced in the third grade, students are now expected to work with much larger numbers. If student failed to grasp this idea the first time around, their frustration could quickly grow during the year. Teachers can take various approaches to help lower stress level, while ensuring that students master the concept before moving on to middle school. Often one of the best ways is to present students with clear instructions, with the most common mistakes that they may make highlighted. This allows students to make sure that they are not making these mistakes before they turn in their work.

Another key idea that must be included in fraction lesson plans 5th grade year is converting mixed numbers to improper fractions. A great way to get students to understand this key notion is to use the videos from Turtle Diary. This way student can watch and hear how to perform these key operations before even attempting them on their own.

The final key concept that students need to conquer is working with proper and improper fractions. Again, having clear instructions and watching videos may help student grasp this idea. Students often need repeated practice in this area, and an outstanding way to provide them with this is with Turtle Diary worksheets. Planning 5th grade lessons need not be difficult when you entrust in this reputable company.