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Variety of Number Worksheets

There are close to 100 number worksheets for preschool children at Turtle Diary. Your child will not be bored with such a great variety and you can print out as many as you need.

The topics covered include color by number, connect the dots, count pictures, identify numbers, number writing, and one, two, and three-digit abacus worksheets. Each topic has many worksheets from which to choose. If your child attends preschool, you may want to speak to the teacher to see what learning area needs to be improve. Of course, your child can complete any of the worksheets offered.

Making Worksheets Fun

The images on the worksheets are created to be fun. For example, if your child is completing the "Connect the Dots" sheet, he or she may ask you to join. This particular worksheet offers 10 versions. Your child should not get tired of using and coloring them. The same time that your child is enjoying connecting the dots and coloring the kitten, fine motor skills are also being honed.

In teaching your child that numbers and math are exciting, you will be opening the door to building on foundational concepts throughout his or her school years.