Math Games for Fifth Grade

Teach Essential Skills with Fifth Grade Math Games

Fifth grade is a pivotal math year where, if you don’t have your basic foundational skills on lock, you could be left in the dust. Turtle Diary gives kids the ability to always go back and practice earlier skills, but also offers appropriate age- and content for their age and skill levels to keep kids coming back for more without even realizing they’re practicing.

Manipulating decimals and fractions become the main goal in fifth grade, so let your kids have some fun with it by playing free math games online. Having fun with math encourages kids to improve skills and gain confidence at the same time.

What Type of Math Games for 5th Grade Are Best?

Engaging Content

5th graders are notorious for slipping in all areas of school in favor of social interaction and other developmental milestones. Solidifying their mathematical skills before they move into middle school is essential at this level. Hooking them with engaging content and fun games will keep them coming back for more after school. Games on Turtle Diary give students the interaction with friends and educational practice with math concepts.

Multiplayer Games

Social interaction is a huge goal for 5th grade students, so encouraging them while keeping them safe is key. Multiplayer games on Turtle Diary allow them to interact and compete with their friends while also building important math skills. Students will appreciate the opportunity to connect with friends while you will know they’re actually improving their mathematics. It’s a winning situation for everyone involved.

Parallel Classroom Skills

Paying close attention to the skills they are learning in the classroom this year will help you to recommend and guide them in online educational gaming. Skills are scaffolded in the math classroom, so being sure that your student understands the current skill will help them to build on that when the next skill is introduced. In addition to the classwork and homework, you can encourage them to strengthen these skills by playing online games.

Reinforce Basics

By this point in their school careers, students are expected to know all four operations. The problem is that many don’t know them well and suffer later as more complex concepts are introduced in the classroom. If they are lacking in their quick recall of basic skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, they will have a very difficult time in the sixth grade and in subsequent years. Those skills must be automatic by the fifth grade, so encouraging students to play games that parallel flashcard practice with fun will help students to find success in the future.

What Will Fifth Graders Learn in Online Math Games?


Learning about the different place values that make up decimal numbers is key in the fifth grade year, so Turtle Diary makes an emphasis on these forms of games. From breaking down place value to learning to multiply and manipulate decimals, kids need to have major skill practice in this area. The more fun they can have in the process, the better, because there are tons of scaffolded skills they’ll need for the future.

Fractions & Mixed Fractions

Obviously decimals and fractions go hand in hand where math is concerned. Learning those common fractions and how to manipulate with common denominators must be mastered at this stage. Working with mixed numbers is also an important skill, especially when they begin to do more complex operations with fractions. Turtle DIary provides a number of unique and charismatic games for 5th grade math. They keep kids interested while increasing their fraction skills. Students will be having so much fun they won’t even feel the stress of the repetitive practice and work.

Multiplication & Division

This is a must-have for students in the fifth grade. If fifth graders haven’t mastered the foundational multiplication and division facts, everything else in their mathematical future will be more difficult. Avoid the rote repetition by allowing them to find enjoyable games on Turtle Diary that they can come back to again and again. Word problems will become more prevalent this year as well, where they may have to practice adding and subtracting fractions as well as multiplying fractions.


Decimals and fractions in the same sentences lead naturally to discussing equivalencies. Putting this in familiar contexts like baking or game play can help kids to visualize the process and see the utility of this concept. Allowing kids to practice both on Turtle Diary will serve them well in their real-world future.

Fun Above All Else

No matter what skill they’re trying to master, we always encourage kids to have fun in the process. Playing online math games gives kids a low-stress environment to practice high-level activities. Let them relax and play, knowing it may be all you can do to increase their mathematical progress.

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