First Grade Language Arts Games

Kids will develop a comprehensive understanding of the Language Arts through our Language Arts games and activities for first grade. Nouns, adjectives, verbs, compound words, synonyms, antonyms, sentence construction ,and lots more, will be introduced through interactive word games and grammar lessons, thus helping kids to expand their vocabulary and improve their grammar. Kids will also quiz reading with our interactive storybooks and online reading games.

First Grade English Games

In today's world it is considered essential to know the English language. By playing language games kids learn the English language through using it. First graders develop a comprehensive understanding of the language through our games and activities. Our interactive games help kids to expand their vocabulary, improve spelling, grammar, punctuation as well as test their language skills. Progressively kids become fluent in the language.

Our language games make learning English an exciting adventure! They have been suitably conceptualized by a team of educators and child experts who contribute their expertise and knowledge towards making language learning an enriching and enjoyable activity for kids. They help to improve their speaking and listening skills. They help prepare kids for future success with reading, writing and speaking English. Our EFL/ESL games are a simple and enjoyable way to develop a range of language skills and a positive attitude that helps to enhance self-esteem of kids.

All of the games are designed to be versatile and help kids learn English the way kids learn their mother tongue -- without being aware they are studying; thus learning stress-free. Games are highly motivating because they are amusing and helps them develop a lifelong love of learning. They help to develop and give opportunities to quiz in-depth language skills. Our games are simple, easy-to-play, and user-friendly. They help kids to relax, improve their concentration as well as enhance their creativity. Kids enhance their English vocabulary, pronunciation and ability to express clearly and expressively. Games will also make children more interested in learning at school.

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