Math Games for 2nd Grade

Second Grade Math Games That Really Keep Kids Engaged

With basic math skills that every student needs to master, Turtle Diary offers a unique solution to boring homework and flashcards. Their math games online encourage kids to do all the play without realizing they’re actually studying. Embedding content in a fun platform is the way to keep kids coming back for more.

Using Turtle Diary will help kids to enjoy learning instead of feeling like it’s a chore. It enables them to find the fun in games while practicing essential skills. With amazing graphics and Common Core standards, Turtle Diary’s games are the missing link in your student’s math program.

What Math Games for Second Grade Games Keep Kids Coming Back for More?

Stellar Graphics

Kids are drawn in by amazing graphics. Turtle Diary gives them just that, with the chance to race around the track in a stock car, smash rocks with a Thor-sized sledgehammer, or help a robot make numbers. Students will be eager to try each and every game to see which is their favorite.

They won’t even think twice about the math work that they must complete in order to keep the game moving. The colors and the sounds in every game will entice them to play.


Boring flashcard apps are the ways of the past! Turtle Diary helps 2nd graders practice basic math facts in a dynamic way. For example, they can make pictures with shapes in a logic-type Tetris puzzle while practicing math facts or play golf while conquering fractions.

It’s all about the delivery and how the game is presented. Kids would love to smash a rock with a sledgehammer and race to the moonl. These fun math games help kids find a niche and learn within it.


A little bit of friendly competition never hurts anyone, and kids can have just that right on the Turtle Diary platform. They can put themselves against the computer or generate a code that allows them to play with a friend from anywhere. Racing cars, slaying a dragon, monster truck name it, you can do it on Turtle Diary’s math games. Push your kids towards success with these highly-effective games that enable them to have math practice within a world of fun.

What Do You Learn from 2nd Grade Math Games?

Addition & Subtraction Mastery

All students in second grade should know their addition and subtraction facts. These two go hand-in-hand when it comes to basic math concepts. Games on Turtle Diary will help students to strengthen these skills with repetitive practice in different versions. There are a variety of games from which to choose, but each one will focus on helping them master their facts.

Telling Time

Second grade students should be able to tell time on both the analog and digital clock. If they are having trouble grasping the analog clock, there are games that will help them match the times with the digital clock. They will also be able to practice time-telling skills with a variety of games. Increased practice leads to mastery.

Telling time on an analog clock is a precursor for geometry and other mathematical concepts. Consider the circular clock and its breakdown into 5s. This helps students with their 5 Times Table facts.

In addition, it also helps them to visualize dividing a circle into parts, from one-half to one-sixtieth. Don’t neglect reinforcing this skill in our digital world! Let Turtle Diary help your kids learn and work with time-telling games.

Multiplication Facts

Multiplication is the dominant force in second-grade mathematics. Students will be expected to know and master all times tables this year. We recommend starting with zeros, ones, and twos, and then moving onto fives, tens, and more complicated factors. This is where practice in skip counting from kindergarten and first grade will come in handy, because kids will already have the number patterns ingrained in their brains.

Students will be better able to work with division facts when they know their multiplication tables. Spending time on Turtle Diary working with our variety of games will help students have fun learning their times tables. This will also set them up for success in the future with division.


More advanced students may be able to move into division skills. Students who have already mastered multiplication will have little problem understanding division skills. Don’t push students into division, however, until they’ve mastered multiplication. Turtle Diary’s games will help them with the repetitive practice they need for both concepts.

Graph & Tally

Word problems with graphing or tallying are huge concepts to master in the second grade. Students will be using math more in science this year, so they will need to be able to construct a variety of graphs and keep count or track of occurrences. Practicing graphing and tallying with Turtle Diary’s amazing games will keep kids coming back from more and help them to succeed in the classroom.


Students in second grade must learn to work with a variety of measurements. T They will learn to use a ruler to measure a variety of items. This will help them grasp both inches and centimeters as two different forms of length measurement. They may also begin to measure things like temperature and liquid volume. Playing games will help them to find the fun in measurement, with interesting graphics and fun scenarios.

What do you learn from first grade math games?

Students should be able to practice the basics skills that they need for first grade math by using online practice. Remediation would solidify their knowledge of colors, time, money, and shapes. They should be able to identify all numbers and know how to count. Sorting like objects and measuring using standard items is another basic skill.

Kids also love balancing with a scale and can have lots of fun working with a basic scale. Measuring things like rice or water can be a fun way to show how matter is measured or contained. Measuring liquid is quite different from solids, so any practice students can have with this would be great.

Finally, basic addition and subtraction skills should be mastered in the first grade. Students should be able to skip count by twos, fives, and tens. They should also have a firm grasp of using a number line and working with a hundred number chart.

How can I help my first grader love math?

Praise & Encouragement

Students in first grade need to be encouraged and praised to continue to love learning. Math can become difficult easily if students don’t grasp those initial concepts. The further behind you get, the harder it is to catch up.

Playing games to improve your math skills online will help young students be prepared for the next level of math. You can even join them in play, challenging each other to a high score or facing off in a multiplayer challenge.

Connect with Friends

Showing your student that their friends practice at home as well can be a gamechanger. Multiplayer math games on Turtle Diary are the most popular games we have. Students can either play against a computer or they can link up with another player.

They can be paired with another player somewhere online and challenge them to a variety of matches. Teachers are also able to provide their students with unique codes so they can play with classmates after school.

Connect with other parents and see if your students can have a virtual study session disguised as a virtual playdate. You can trust them to choose their own game, knowing that whatever they pick they will be practicing key skills. Mastering math facts is the ultimate goal so students will be prepped for their future. Concepts will be more complex with each new level of math.

The more kids practice their mathematical skills, the more adept they’ll be at the subject as a whole. Playing a wide variety of games that take you through various skills is the best way for kids to have fun playing math games online without the stress of homework or forced practice. They will come back again and again while reinforcing their skills with every click.

Encouragement Is Key

More than just allowing your 21st-century kids to play games online is showing interest in what they’re doing. Math games for 2nd graders on Turtle Diary combine ultimate fun with incredible educational value. Give them encouragement along the way, and they’ll keep coming back for more! Watch how much more confidence your students will have after just a few weeks of practice on Turtle Diary. They won’t even realize how much they’re learning, but repeated practice with our games is key. Skill levels will grow exponentially with consistent game play on Turtle Diary.

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