Language Arts Games for Kids

At Turtlediary, you can enjoy our wide range of Reading Games on various English topics. These games help kids improve their English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as well as their grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. They can build their vocabulary by learning new words and quiz using them in sentences. They can play our spelling games and comprehension games too and improve their English language skills. Instructions to the games are given in easy language to ensure clarity. At Turtlediary, we offer a variety of Reading Games for kids like Adjectives, Phonics, Nouns, Verb, Spelling, Tenses, Vowels and a lot more to help them improve their grammar skills. Children can learn and quiz the alphabet, phonics, vowels and more with these engaging games. No wonder, it will help them build a solid foundation in the English language from an early age.

Improve communication skills

Language is the basis of all learning, thinking and communication. Our online games cover different aspects of the language and kids are kept engaged and entertained as they learn new concepts. Playing English interactive games is a great way for kids to improve their vocabulary, reading, spelling and language skills. A wide variety of picture based games help to improve their communication skills and make kids more confident, when it comes to social interactions. We offer a host of fun English games by topic that motivate and stimulate kids to learn faster and make learning English fun!

Cool kids' games

Kids' games are a source of fun and amusement and a wonderful medium of learning as well. Our cool kids' games on various topics entertain as well as teach correct English. Special attention has been paid not only to keep the games simple as well as challenging but also fresh and original, varied and interesting. Games are in various formats with different audio, visual and written combinations. Most kids have the ability to make sense of what they are doing and pick up a language while taking part in activities. Kids love to play games and we ensure that they unconsciously pick up the language through them.

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