Action Verbs

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Action Verbs

What Is an Action Verb?

An ACTION VERB shows some movement or action, whether physical with your body or mentally in your mind. It tells what the subject of your sentence does, did, or will do!

What are some examples of common action verbs?

There are so many words that we use to express what we’re doing in the moment. A person, an animal, or even an object can do things, so we use action verbs to describe what they’re doing in a sentence. If it is something that someone or something can DO, then it’s an action verb!

HINT! Opposite Actions!

Sometimes it can help to identify if a verb is an action verb if it has an opposite motion. Check out these examples:

Common Action Verbs in English

Here is a list of some of the most common action verbs used in the English language:

fightgivejump hug
talktell thinkthrow
win wonderwrite

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