Collective Nouns

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Collective & Partitive Nouns

Remember that a noun is a person, place, thing, idea, feeling, or concept. It gives a name to things that will be doing the action provided by the verb. Nouns can be people, places, things, animals, seasons, planets, days, time, and more!

Now, let’s take a look at some specific kinds of nouns: collectives and partitives.

Collectives & Partitives - Opposites!

Collective Nouns represent a group or collection of things, like a jar or a bar or a loaf.

Partitive Nouns represent a piece of a larger object, like a slice, a pound, or a piece.

As you can see, they are the opposite of one another!

Both often have qualifiers after them giving them more information.

Here are some examples of each:
Collective Nouns Partitive Noun
a flock of seagullsa bar of chocolate
a pride of lionsa loaf of bread
a school of fisha cup of coffee
a swarm of beesa packet of ketchup
an orchard of treesa slice of pie
a bunch of grapesa sheet of paper
a set of golf clubsa clove of garlic
a class of studentsa pat of butter
a bundle of sticksa puff of smoke
a quiver of arrowsa glimmer of hope

Just remember that a collective noun represents a collection or group of something, while a partitive noun represents a part of the whole!

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