Interrogative Pronouns

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Interrogative Pronouns

Interrogative pronouns are a special type of pronouns that help you to ask questions.

What Are Interrogative Pronouns?

Interrogative pronouns replace a noun in a question. They’re ALWAYS used in a question

The most commonly used ones include: Who? Whom?, Whose?, What?, Which?, Whomever?, Whichever?

They can all be singular or plural depending on the noun that they are replacing.

How Do I Use Interrogative Pronouns?

You use them to ask questions when seeking a specific type of noun as an answer.

How Used in a Question Example
whoAnswer is a person used as a subjectWho left their towel on the floor?
whomAnswer is a person used as an objectTo whom did you give the note?
whoseReferring to ownership, possessions, or a relationshipI love these shoes. Whose are they?
whoeverEmphasis in “who?” questions, used as a subjectWill whoever leaves last please crate the dog?
whomeverEmphasis in “who?” questions, with surprise or confusion, as an objectI will hire whomever you recommend.
whatAnswer is an object or abstract conceptWhat will we do tomorrow?
whichMultiple choices as an answerWhich do you like best?
whateverRefers to a nonspecific thingPut whatever in the bag for lunch.
whicheverRefers to a specific thingWhichever you want is fine by me!


Don’t confuse these with Relative Pronouns, which introduce relative clauses within a sentence. Interrogative means they’re asking a question.

Interrogative pronoun - Who wrote this note?

Relative pronoun - I’m curious to know the person who wrote this note.
Who introduces the relative clause who wrote this note that identifies the particular person someone is curious about.

Don’t confuse them with Interrogative Adjectives as well. Those modify nouns and aren’t used by themselves as a subject or an object within a sentence.

Here’s an example:
Interrogative pronoun - Which is yours?
Interrogative adjective - Which doll is yours?

Which modifies the noun doll in this sentence.

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