Negative Contractions

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Contractions with the Word "Not"

Contractions with the word "not" are a little bit trickier than all other types of contractions.

That is because the word "not" does not want to stay on its side of the apostrophe... it wants to wiggle on over and join the other word!

Do not

To form this contraction, cross out the "o" in "not" and replace it with an apostrophe. Then condense the words together so they form one word.

Contracted form = Don't

Repeat this with some other examples. Remember to remove the "o" and bring the "n" to the opposite side of the apostrophe.

  • Can not → Can't
  • Are not → Aren't
  • Was not → Was't
  • Does not → Doesn't
  • Should not → Shouldn't
  • Did not → Didn't
  • Would not → Wouldn't