Place Value - Place Value Game

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Place Value - Place Value Game

Turtle Diary's place value games for 2nd grade are the perfect way to teach second graders about place values in the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands place in a way that is innovative and fun. We know that some concepts in math class can be challenging to students and frustrating to fully master. Our 2nd grade place value games are designed to demystify math concepts like place values and make them easier to understand. In our 2nd grade place values game, kids will use ones, tens, and hundreds blocks to complete the number in each problem. Not only will your second grader learn more about place values, he or she will also be able to build addition and subtraction skills and improve overall hand-eye coordination through an interactive online experience. Like our place value second grade games, all of the games on Turtle Diary integrate colorful graphics and auditory instructions to foster a visually interactive learning experience that is both fun and educational. Our mission at Turtle Diary is to teach kids that there are so many innovative ways to learn that are exciting and engaging.

How to play Ones & Tens Place value

A perfect math game designed for Grade 2 kids to teach them about “place values - ones, tens, and hundreds.”