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Sight Words Game - 2nd Grade Sight Word Game

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Sight Words Game - 2nd Grade Sight Word Game

Turtle Diary's second grade sight word games are great for early readers as they typically learn best through visual demonstration. Sight words are words that kids are encouraged to memorize visually, because they are words that are frequently used in the English language. When playing our 2nd grade sight word games, kids will travel through different exciting stories by filling in blanks with the correct sight words. These interactive sight word games are not only designed to help second graders learn and memorize important sight words, but also help them develop skills in sentence construction, literary context clues, spelling, reading, and comprehension. Our 2nd grade sight word games are designed for second graders on any reading level. Whether your student needs additional practice to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom or an exciting sight word challenge, our sight word games for second grade are designed to help all kids learn more while having fun.

How to play Sight Words

This word memory game is designed to learn dolch word list. Kids have to match dolch sight words to practice their exercise.