Verb Forms

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Verb Forms

In this Turtle Diary game, students are introduced to six types of verb forms: 1. Past Tense Form - used to refer to actions that happened in the past. 2. Plain Present Form - used when using the pronoun "I" or when using two subject s and the pronouns we or they. 3. Plain Form - used for an infinitive by adding the word "to" or for forming the future tense. 4. Third Person Singular Form - used when referring to a person using a pronoun such as he, it or she or referring to person by name. 5. Gerund Form - is created by adding "ing" to a verb which turns the verb into a word that can be used as a noun. 6. Past Participle Form - is used with any of the perfect tenses. Perfect tenses are formed by adding Has, had or have before the verb.

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