Toddler Games and Activities

Toddler Games and Activities

Our animated videos for toddlers inculcate in them a desire to learn at an early stage. They help enhance your toddler's awareness and recognition of letters, numbers and the world around them. Our innovative animal videos show names and pictures of animals that start with each letter of the alphabet. Kids enhance their letter recognition skills as well as learn to write each letter correctly. We offer videos for every letter of the alphabet. They help to build the kid's oral vocabulary as they introduce words that begin with that letter. The fun videos on numbers teach toddlers numbers from 1 to 10. They also help kids in learning to write numbers and in understanding the quantity that each number represents.

Active learning environment

There's no time that's too young or too early to begin learning. It varies from child to child but there's no right or wrong time. An active child needs to have an active learning environment and we provide that through our unique videos for toddlers. There is no better way to teach children about letters, numbers and the world around them than through our fun educational videos. They are tailored to their needs and their short attention span and will surely improve their level of concentration. The learning videos will help to develop your toddler's imagination and critical skills as well as his/her memory. They help build a strong foundation of essential concepts and skills important for early learners.

Nurture curiosity

Toddlers are curious and they start exploring the world around them. They want to know everything about their environment. Our videos nurture their innate curiosity. They help toddlers learn to identify animals and objects that they see around them making their learning more meaningful and relevant. The videos are suitable for their age and are also developmentally appropriate. The toddler should be allowed to learn through our innovative videos every day. They keep learning fun and let toddlers learn at their own pace. The videos for toddlers actively engage the child. They learn new things in a way that makes learning fun and playful and with a lot of repetition.

Oral vocabulary development

Our videos support oral vocabulary development. It is like reading aloud to your child so that they model the type of reading you want your child to do. They help in building their vocabulary of words that toddlers might not hear in normal conversation. By using our videos you are exposing your child early to rich learning experiences. This will lead to more rapid and accurate language learning as they enter school as language is fundamental to all learning, thinking and communication. Think about your child's education as well as entertainment. Our colorful and engaging videos are a great learning tool as they address your child's innate capacity to learn and support the development of skills in all cognitive areas in relevant ways.