Fifth Grade Games

It can sometimes be difficult to keep fifth grade students engaged in learning without the right incentives and learning aids. Consider this problem solved with our 5th grade learning games. Each of our fifth grade games is designed to be fun, instructive, and an enriching academic experience for students. Students will love the brilliant visuals and exciting gameplay that allow them to learn while having fun.

Fifth Grade Skills

Students in the fifth grade will find the beginnings of tracking, as they realize where their niche lies in academics. Many will have pulled ahead in either mathematics or reading, though the increased breadth and depth of study will be overwhelming for many fifth grade students. Use Turtle Diary to alleviate the anxiety while helping students to master difficult concepts.

Here’s what 5th grade students should master this year:

Language Arts

  • Analysis and composition using the elements of plot (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, & resolution)
  • Composition including opinion pieces, book reviews, research papers, reports, daily journal
  • Composition in varying genres, including biography, poetry, mystery, plays, and historical fiction
  • Reading books in each of the genres outlined above
  • Targeted vocabulary practice
  • Beginning understanding of voice and how to use it.
  • Writing workshop participation to support teammates


  • Fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals
  • Computations with exponents
  • Interpret percentages including decimals and division
  • Perimeter, area, & volume
  • Probability & statistics
  • Basic geometry, including angles and formulas
  • Solving algebraic equations/expressions
  • Order of operations (PEMDAS)
  • Comparing units in the metric system
  • Budget with money


  • Use the scientific method to design and conduct experiments
  • Properties of matter & life science
  • Physical and chemical properties and changes
  • Ecosystems around the world
  • Interacting and preserving the planet Earth, relating science to life

Social Studies

  • Focused timeline study of U.S. History and its people
  • Contributions of various civilizations and cultures
  • U.S. & World Geography
  • Map reading
  • Historical fiction about world history, including the holocaust

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