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Geometry is a branch of mathematics and has been around for more than 2000 years. It deals with shapes and their sizes, figures, and space. Having numerous applications, it is taught in schools from an early age. Children can quickly grasp the concepts of shapes and colors. It is important to teach them about shapes because it will lay the foundation for developing further mathematical skills. Once they are familiar with different shapes and their properties, it's time to move along to the next stage. Angles should be introduced to children by second grade. They should be taught what angles are, and their types. This can easily be done by means of videos, and Turtle Diary is the best source. We have developed angles videos that are easy to access and use colorful pictures to explain the concept. The instructions and definitions have been crafted in a way that makes them easy to comprehend. Children will enjoy this fun and colorful experience and will master the topic in no time. So, now you don't have to deal with teaching or learning angles all by yourself. Just start slow and keep a steady pace.

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