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Statistics play an essential role not only in academics but also in our everyday life. This skill is not taught to young children and so they have very little training in statistics. Although schools do realize its importance, statistics is still not included in school curriculums as it should be. In the years ahead, demand for statisticians and data analyst is likely to increase by 4.4 million jobs worldwide. Children must be educated about the value of statistics and its everyday usage. Introduce them to these concepts at a young age. At this stage, you must use word problems to enhance students' learning. Turtle Diary has organized statistics videos in a way that will make learning enjoyable and interesting. You can use a number of activities and worksheets to get children to analyze data and reach conclusions. Have kids collect data on their height, weight, and age, and organize it in a meaningful manner. Teach them the concepts of range, mean, median, and mode, and ask them questions to polish their problem solving skills.

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